About Incest Resources

About Incest Resources
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Incest Resources (I.R.), Inc. is an all-survivor, nonprofit organization. Founded in 1980, it was the first survivor organization in the country. In addition to providing free support groups and workshops for survivors, Incest Resources offers a variety of educational, resource, and recovery materials to survivors and professionals by mail order. The small profits earned on such items are used entirely to help support business operations. Available are:
  • Resource lists including: National/International Listing of Survivor Self-Help Groups, National/International Listing of Survivor Newsletters, Resources for Male Survivors, Resources for Survivors Abused by Women, Ritual Abuse Resources, Multiple Personality Resources, Resources for Partners of Survivors, Legal & Legislative Resources, Resources for Nonoffending Parents, Resources for Survivors of Abuse by Clergy & Other Professionals, and Resources to Address the "False Memory" Backlash
  • A literature collection of treatment, self-help, and resource articles for survivor education and professional training
  • Incest: What to Think, What to Say, What to Do, a training/sensitivity handbook for professionals and others supporting/working with adult survivors of incest or incestuous families
  • Starting from Scratch: The I.R. Group Model, a training/preparation manual for survivors and others wishing to organize and run a support group for survivors in their area
  • Survivors Making Connections, a collection of topic introductions from I.R.'s Drop-In Group for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, which has been running since 1983
  • The I.R. Legal Packet, a series of articles, fact sheets, and resource listings pertaining to civil suit/criminal prosecution of offenders, and child custody/visitation issues
  • I.R. obics, a packet of therapeutic dance/movement materials for survivors including a 60-minute tape of music thematically related to childhood sexual abuse and the process of healing
  • Inside Out, a packet of therapeutic bodywork materials for survivors including a 45-minute tape of step-by-step exercises for body awareness and recovery
  • Picture This!, a packet of rage release materials for survivors including a written series of exercises designed to direct survivor anger where it belongs

Incest Resources is also a proud sponsor of the Survivor Quilt Project and the Survivor Theatre Project.  To learn more about these inspiring arts and activism initiatives, click on the boxes above in the left-hand column.

Incest Resources, Inc., 46 Pleasant Street, Cambridge, MA 02139-3838, USA.